Project Description

Short Fiction/13 Minutes/ Iran/ 2023


A naughty young boy shoots the ball sadistically at his disabled grandfather after being left alone with him. Mother punishes him after discovering what happened, but the aunt’s intervention makes him ponder what the family may mean and how his aggressive mother made him blindly angry.

Radvin Zarei, Asghar Kordbacheh, Mahin Sadri, Neda Aghighi
Directors: Arash Kazemzadeh, Kiarash Forouharnia

Producer: Samareh Sadeghian
Editor: Sasan Khoshniat
Cinematographer: Mohammadreza Jahanpanah
Sound: Hossein Mashali, Omid Mohammadipour

Premiere Status: World Premiere

Director’s Note:
The story of this film has roots in fiction and reality. As a child, we were always suppressed—lots of dos and don’ts. Lots of respect for elders and nobody respected us. What confused us more was the relationship between the elders. Their usual and ordinary conflicts seem to us an endless war that never ends. We would take a grudge against a person just because of how our mother relates to her/him. This kind of environment in which a kid had been assumed to be a tiny unimportant creature tangled with lots of cliches, made us take a deep study into our memories of childhood. How we felt baffled and played by elders and how a sweet memory has become so dark and bitter to recall. How a grandfather/grandchildren relationship becomes a very painful experience. In this film, we tried to portray a moment in the life of a child in which he doubts his reactions to his mother’s behaviors. A moment in which something sparks in his mind: I’m being played and I hate this.
The Last Visit With Grandpa


The Last Visit With Grandpa