Development & Finance:

We can provide you consultancy for developing your ideas at the early stage, helping you prepare a treatment, budgeting and other presentation documents, designing your national and international finance strategy, seeking & negotiating for international co-productions and pre-sales, and submitting the project for different funds in the development stage.
We believe that the best time to start the marketing and presenting a film project is the development, so we really prefer to join you at this stage.


We participate as a producer or co-producer in the production of film projects. We offer production managing, casting and crew consultancy, and also presenting the projects in production and post-production to international funds, TVs, and film festivals.
Also, we can offer consultancy and production managing to international projects who are interested to do their shooting or the post-production of their films in Iran.

Festivals & Sales:

We design festival and sales strategy for a project, present films at international film markets, submit them for different festivals worldwide and negotiate for TV sales and theatrical and online releases. The priorities of our distribution are creative films that we see a potential in them for international markets. And each film will have a unique distribution strategy.

Marketing & PR:

We offer marketing and PR services for feature fictions and documentaries. Promoting and presenting them from their first premiere, through festivals and public screenings. Our PR and marketing plans will be designed based on your film’s theme and it’s potentials. We offer you an efficient marketing campaign for social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and etc) and manage special screenings and events for your film to connect you to the right audiences, buyers, critics and press.

We’re available for any project!