Project Description


Mid-length Documentary/56 Minutes/ Iran/ 2022


“Exitless” is a film-essay about life in 2020-21. Life in the context of Covid-19, quarantine, the Internet, dreams, solitude, and fear of the unknown. A personal investigation of an external and global event, within the layers inside oneself. An attempt to find new meaning for life in these new times.

Director: Ali Hamraz
Producer: Ali Hamraz
Editor: Ali Hamraz
Cinematographers: Maryam Dehghanpour, Behnam Shafigh, Shahab Khorsandi
Sound Designer and Sound Mixer: Ali Faraz, Ensieh Maleki

Premiere Status: World Premiere


Director’s Note:

With the start of Covid-19 and the resulting quarantine, I began to wonder how it would be possible to make a film about a global, external event, without leaving the confines of my house. As I began working on this project I came to learn that life during Covid-19 is primarily an internal experience. We were all quarantined alone in our own, personal, private spaces. As a result we spent most of our time within, rather than outside, ourselves. This shared internal experience had many common aspects. In a way, it reduced geographic, linguistic, and other boundaries.

In these special times we all experienced loneliness, anxiety, change, the importance of life, relationships, unanswered questions, media, fear of the future, hope and hopelessness. For me, creating this film essay from the perspective of these shared internal aspects was more interesting than exploring our differences. New concepts were borne out of this chorus of fact and fiction. Concepts like time, place, memory, individuality, community, me, you, us! And the Internet! This most organic man-made creation. This film is dedicated to you.